Paper published in Nano Letters

We just published a new paper in Nano Letters with collaborators from TU Dresden and King’s College London on how to realize nanoparticle chain waveguides with low propagation losses. Till now, this type of waveguide has been plagued with very high propagation losses, but by using DNA nanotechnology to assemble crystalline gold nanoparticles with only 2 nm distance from each other, we unlock waveguide modes with very low losses. The waveguides have been characterized using advanced electron-beam-based techniques (electron energy loss spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy) that have the power to measure optical properties with nanometer spatial resolution.

The electron beam (blue) excites a surface plasmon wave (green beam) which propagates energy toward a fluorescent nanodiamond. The nanodiamond then emits light into the farfield, which we detect using cathodoluminescence spectroscopy.